About us

At Wetec, we don't sit around waiting to see what the future holds, but actively help shape it ourselves. That is why, as far as we are concerned, the future starts now, not tomorrow. We devise solutions today that will help our clients tomorrow.

Whether in the business market or private market, non-residential construction or housing market, fishing or dredging industry: we take up the challenge and think how things can be better tomorrow. From beginning to end. From idea to result.
We increase the efficiency of ships, and devise, deliver and install everything necessary for this. We develop more efficient forms of fishing, propulsion and steering. We devise smarter ways in which machines can be controlled. We automate effectively and develop intelligent software in order to achieve this.

We make living safer, cleaner and more comfortable. Here, we don't just consider the possibilities of today, but also the needs of tomorrow. When developing, building and programming anything, we focus on the wishes of the client, on ease-of-use, efficiency and durability. Not just until the moment of delivery, but for a long time after as well.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to know more about the work we do? Then please get in touch with us.