Welcome to the new Wetec

A change is not always an improvement, but improvements always start with change. Wetec is critical of the status quo, and curious to see what could be done better tomorrow.

The future of Wetec began almost a century ago, when our company was founded. Then too, we had an unbridled love for technology and innovation. That started in the field of electronic and installation engineering. Inventions and developments in technology meant that our field of work soon began expanding.

Presently, we have grown to such an extent that our work is no longer dependent on what is possible, but on what is not possible yet.

In order to make the most of this, Wetec has entered a new phase of evolution. Starting with a brand-new head office at the Stellendam harbours and also with a brand new corporate style. This calls for a name that matches our international profile: Wetec. It also calls for an image that is in line with what we do. And, above all, it calls for an identity that seamlessly ties in with our future-orientated vision.

We would like to welcome you to Wetec, where we build the world of tomorrow.
Wetec. Engineering the future.

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